Riding Segways is the most fun you can have at a bachelor party. Why hand out free kisses downtown, when you instead can have great fun together on Segways. Anyone can ride a Segway and a Segway experience is a great bonding experience for your group.

We open with an introduction, before teaching you how to master a Segway. They you will be divided into teams and compete against each other on a specially prepared Segway track. Don’t worry, we guarantee big smiles, excellent photos and great stories to relive later.

Segway bachelor parties last 1:30 hours and are held outdoor at our facilities at Amager Strandpark or indoor at our Segway track at Fiskeforvet. The price is DKK 3.000 for up to 12 participants. This includes four Segways, instructors and safety equipment. Should you be a bit less or more participants than 12 we can adjust the size of the event and adjust the price to that. At a fee we can move the event to your private address or any other location.

Bachelor parties at a beach
Amager Strandpark is ideal for bachelor parties. There is plenty of space, free parking and easy access via the Metro. You can bring your own food and drinks or let yourselves be tempted by cafés and sandwich bars at very reasonable prices.

As if riding Segways isn’t enough, Amager Strandpark offers much more, too. There are blow carts, kayaks, kayak polo or miniature golf. Looking for more of a kick? Just combine your Segway adventure with a wild RIB ride on Øresund. We have an excellent cooperation with the company RibAlex. You’re guraranteed the adrenaline rush of a lifetime when the twin 600 HP engines power you along the coast at 100 kph (60+ mph).

Please fill in the contact form at the right hand side of this page and you will receive an individual offer, taylormade to your bachelor party.

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